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Eutopia Living

eutopia living

We offer you the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Ionian sea with a tailor made yacht cruise of the highest standards to the islands of Corfu, Paxoi and the villages of Parga and Sivota.

Get ready to dive in the crystalline waters and bask in the sun on the most tropical beaches, explore the caves and visit the most picturesque harbors. While enjoying your peace and quiet on an utterly secluded beach you are welcome to taste the most flavorsome finger-food, wine,beverages and exotic cocktails while watching the sunset reflecting on the azure waters of the sea.

Live the experience of a high-quality yachting service in Corfu, Parga, Sivota, Paxos/Antipaxos and shape a lifelong memory.
During your tailor-made cruise you will have the chance to explore the most tropical beaches, to enter in the greatest caves and visit traditional & stony harbors. By anchoring in an isolated & exotic beach you will taste Greek finger-food and wine, limitless beverages and by watching the sunset, exotic cocktails will be prepared for you.